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Lietuvių k.
04 Rgp. 2021

Širdele mano 1 Sezonas

Elif season 1
  • Metai: 2014
  • Kalba: Lietuvių k.
  • Režisavo: N/A
  • Aktoriai: Isabella Damla Guvenilir, Selin Sezgin, Hasan Balliktas, ...
Filmo siužetas:
Turkų drama sugraudinusi visą pasaulį... Little girl Elif lives with his mother Melek, stepfather Veysel, her step-sister Zeynep and step-brother Murat. Elif is almost 5 years old but she is much more mature than her peers. She is very helpful and at the same time, strong enough to endure her stepfathers cruelty. Veysel is a hopeless, violent gambler who tortures not only Melek but also little Elif. He plans to sell Elif to pay back his gambling debts. Out of pure coincidence, Melek discovers his husbands ill intention and finds out the passport on behalf of her daughter. In order to save her daughter, she eventually decides to call her long-lasting friend Ayse and asks for her assistance. Ayse is a servant in the house of the wealthy Emiroglu family where Melek used to work. When Ayse arrives at Meleks house, she is so surprised to see her old friend in a desperate situation. She does not understand why Melek is married to this violent man but eventually, learns the secrets that were buried in the past. While Melek was ...
Balsai 364
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